Wico Magneto Stop Button Kit for Gravely L (90-5042)

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Wico Magneto Stop Button Kit

  • Part numbers:
    • 90-5042
    • K6449
    • ABC3265
  • Applications:
    • Gravely ƒ?? Model L (With WICO Magnetos #XH1072, XH2049, XH2533)
    • Allis Chalmers ƒ?? With WICO Magnetos #XH-184, XH-894, XH-1023, XH1714, XHD-3200
    • B.F. Avery & Sons ƒ?? [A, BF, R (With WICO Distributor #XB4100)], [A, BF, R (With WICO Magnetos #XH1163, XH1180, XH1604)]
    • Case ƒ?? With WICO Magnetos #X184, XH184, XH894, XH1343, XH1344, XH1950, XH2239, XH-2500, XHD-2700
    • Caterpillar ƒ?? With WICO Magnetos #XH184, XH1906, XH1907, XH1908, XH1909, XH2450B, XH2522B, XH2541C
    • Ford ƒ?? With WICO Magnetos #XV4, XVD4, XV1509, XH1917, XV1966, XH1994, XV2065
    • IHC/Farmall ƒ?? [Cub, Lo-Boy, A, B, C, H, M,O4, OS6, W4, W6, W61, W67A, W6TD, W400, W450, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, 300, 330, 340, 350, 400, 404, 424, 444, 450, 464 (With WICO Distributors #XB4011, XB4013, XB4018)]
    • John Deere ƒ?? 50 (With WICO Distributors #XB4001L, XB4023B), [A, B, G (With Battery Ignition & WICO Distributors #XB4001L, XB4023B)], [Models With WICO Series X Magnetos: #XH-477B, XH909, XH-1042, XH1263, XH1300, XH1886
    • Massey Harris ƒ?? Challenger, Pacemaker, Wallis, 12-20, 20-30, 25 (With WICO MAGNETO #XH-184, XH-1023)
    • Oliver ƒ?? 4 Cyl. (With WICO Distributor #XB4100), [AG, E, G, GG, HG (With WICO Magneto #XH-1113, 113B, XH-1128)], [70, 70HC, 70KD & 6 Cyl.Row Crops (With WICO Magneto #XH-977)]
    • Standard Twin ƒ?? WIth WICO Magneto #XH32
    • Wisconsin ƒ?? [AA, AB, ABN, AD, &, AE, AEH, AEHS, AEN, AENC, AENS, AES, AF, AFG, AFH, AG, AGH, AGND, AH, AJH, AK, AKN, BKN, HACN, HBKN (With Wisconsin Magneto #Y-108-B Or With WICO Magneto #XH-150C, XH-1295D, XH1995B, XH2477B,XH-2523-B)], [AC4, ACY, AC4S, AM4 AP4 B2, B3, K2, K2A, SD45, SU, VG4D, VH4, W, X (With WICO Magneto #XH-184, XH-241, XH2207)], [D2, D3, D4, D03, D04A, E, E2A, E0, E02, E02A, GA, GA2, L2, L3, L4, M2, ZA, ZAZ (With WICO Magneto #XHD-2900)]