Chainsaw Chain Pre-Cut Loop 52 DL 3/8" LP, .050, S-Chis Reduced Kick (Stens 095-352)

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Chain Pre-Cut Loop 52 DL 3/8" LP
S-Chis Reduced Ki

Oregon Ref. 91VG052G
Oregon Ref. 58-106
Carlton N1C-BL-52E
Carlton N1C-BL-052G
Homelite 901212001
Oregon Ref. 91PX052G
Windsor 50RG52
Oregon Ref. 91VG52
Oregon Ref. 91PXL052G

Green Line 64305
Rotary 10518
Rotary 4127
JThomas 91VG-52E
Sandvik 50RG52
NHC 91PX052G
NHC 91VG052G
Sunbelt B1BSC50D052
Sunbelt B1BSC50D052

File Size: 5/32"
Type: Semi-Chisel Reduced Kickback
Chainsaw Gauge: .050
Pitch: 3/8" LP
Drive Links: 52

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