Chainsaw Chain Reel 100' .325", .063, Chisel Standard (Stens 098-510)

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Chain Reel 100' .325"
Chisel Standard

Oregon Ref. 35LG-100U
Oregon Ref. 22LPX100U
Carlton K3L-100RW
Stihl 26TS 100R
Sabre 923
McCulloch SPR323GX
GB J63C-1P100
Carlton K3L-100U
Windsor 63JL100R
Oregon Ref. 22LPX100U
Carlton K3L100R

Rotary 10492
Rotary 4630
Sandvik 63JL100R
Stens 086-074
Rotary 10492
Sunbelt B1CFC63S100R

Type: Chisel Standard
Includes side straps
preset straps and pre-cut loop boxes
Length: 100 '
Chainsaw Gauge: .063
Pitch: .325"

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