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Snowblower Paddle Set Snapper 7060631YP (Stens 780-023)

Snowblower Paddle Set Snapper 7060631YP (Stens 780-023)

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Paddle Set Snapper 7060631YP

Snapper 6-0631
Snapper 7060631
Snapper 7060631YP

Foley/PLP 172-076
Rotary 5508
Sunbelt SB-5508
Prime Line 7-08117
ESF 172-076
Green Meadow SBS1
Oregon 73-001
Sunbelt B1SB5508
Ratio Parts 780-023
Sunbelt B1MT84
EG/F1 6813279

Snapper 3201
3202 and 3203

Width on small paddles is 1.594"
6 piece set
Material: Rubber
Half round paddle width = 1.659"
Half round paddle is 9.5" ID
Length on small paddles is 3.495"
Paddle thickness .269"

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