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Carburetor Kit Zama Rotary (12996)

Carburetor Kit Zama Rotary (12996)

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Carburetor Kit Zama

Carburetor Kit Replaces RB-66, RB66. For C1Q-S28, 29, 30, 41, 42, 44 & 45 Model Carburetors on Stihl. Fits C1Q-528, A-D, C1Q-52D, A-C, C1Q-530, A-C, C1Q-544 A and C1Q-543. Fits Stihl models FH75, FC75, HL75, FS75, FS80, FS85, HT70, HT75, HS75, HS80, HS85, BG75, FC55, FS46 and FS55.

  • Zama RB-66
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