Carburetor Kit Tecumseh (Rotary 1409)

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Carburetor Kit Tecumseh

Fits Tecumseh Models: H22, H25, H30, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55, H60, H70, HH40, HH50, HH60, HH70, VH80, VH100, L Series, LV Series, LAV Series, V Series, VT Series. (Walbro Equipped). H50, H60, HH40, HH50, HH60, V40, V45, V45B, V45D, V55, V55B, 0359, V55D, VH80, VH100. Fits Clinton Models: 400, A400, 404, 406, 490, 494, 498, 500, B1290, GEM Series. Fits Jacobsen Models: J321, J321B, J321E, J321G, J321VA, J321VE, J321VF.

Part numbers:
  • CLINTON 291-55
  • CLINTON 291-57
  • TECUMSEH 29155
  • TECUMSEH 30359
  • TECUMSEH 31390
  • TECUMSEH ST520304

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