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Gasket & Diaphragm Kit Rotary (14956)

Gasket & Diaphragm Kit Rotary (14956)

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Gasket & Diaphragm Kit

Gasket & Diaphragm Kit Replaces Zama GND-27. Replaces Poulan/Husqvarna 530071352.. Fits Zama C1Q-D13, A; C1Q-DM14; C1Q-E5A; C1Q-E5B; C1Q-H14, A-B; C1Q-H17, A-D; C1Q-H19, A-C; C1Q-H27; C1Q-H32A; C1Q-H35; C1Q-H42; C1Q-H42; C1Q-H44; C1Q-H45; C1Q-M24; C1Q-M25; C1Q-M26; C1Q-M39; C1Q-W2A; C1Q-W5, A-C; C1Q-W6, A-C and C1Q-W8 Carburetor.

  • Husqvarna 530071352
  • Zama GND-27
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