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Trimmer Rack TrimmerTrap TT-2 PRO-4 (Stens 051-245)

Trimmer Rack TrimmerTrap TT-2 PRO-4 (Stens 051-245)

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Trimmer Rack TrimmerTrap TT-2 PRO-4

Trimmer Trap TT-2 PRO-4

Mounts to open trailers; Does NOT include mounting hardware
Trimmers will not roll around or slide back and forth in the rack
Locks with a single padlock
Holds 4 trimmers
Can be loaded and unloaded in 2 seconds
Attaches to upper and lower rails of trailer
creating a strong mount
Length: 57"
Broken triggers
flooded engines and spilled fuel are a thing of the past
Spacing between the hooks 11 1/2"
Trimmers are automatically latched and tightly clamped in place
completely eliminating any chance for operator error
Manufacturer warranty applies

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