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Air Tool Lubricant 12 Bottles/1 Qt (Stens 051-601)

Air Tool Lubricant 12 Bottles/1 Qt (Stens 051-601)

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Air Tool Lubricant 12 Bottles/1 Qt

Lucas Oil 10200

Oregon 4067V

Designed to dissolve corrosion and rust without drying
12 bottles per case
Allows air tools to run easier and last longer
Excellent protection against water and fortified with anti-seize agents
Order 1 to receive 12
Size: 1 quart bottle
Priced per case
sold per case
Does not contain harmful solvents
Complex blend of pure petroleum oils and additives especially formulated to combat rust and varnish
Packaging Type: OEM package
Excellent for locks
air tools or anything exposed to moisture
Coats the working parts with a cushion of water-proof lubricants that resist blow-outƒ?ª‹¨«
enabling it to lube the tool
not the floor

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