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Oil Filter John Deere 1132402322 (Stens 120-744)

Oil Filter John Deere 1132402322 (Stens 120-744)

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Oil Filter John Deere 1132402322

John Deere AT308576
Hitachi 4448336
John Deere 1132402322
Case 84206729

Baldwin B7217
Champ Labs LFP7217
Wix 57259
Napa 7259
Napa Gold 7259
Donaldson P550596
Fleetguard LF9008
Fram PH10808
Carquest 84259
JThomas FF-0513

Case CX130B (w/Isuzu 4JJ1X Tier III engine)
CX135 (w/Isuzu AJ-4JJ1X Tier III engine)
CX160B (w/4JJ1X Tier III engine) 1/07-
CX210B (w/Isuzu 4HK1X Tier III engine) 1/07-
CX210C (w/Isuzu 4HKIX Tier 4 engine)
CX225C (w/Isuzu 4HKIX Tier 4 engine)
CX225SR (w/A1-4HK1X Tier III engine) 3/08-
CX240BLR (w/Tier III engine) 1/07-
CX250C (w/Isuzu 4HKIX Tier 4 engine)
CX290B (w/ Isuzu 6HK1Y engine) 1/07 -
CX300C (w/Isuzu 6HKIX engine)
CX330LR (w/ Isuzu AH6HK1X Tier 3 engine)
CX350B (w/Isuzu AH-6HK1YSS Tier III engine)
CX350C (w/Isuzu Tier 4 engine) 2011-
CX370B (w/Isuzu AH-6HK1YSS Tier III engine)
CX470B (w/AH-6UZ1XYSS Tier III engine)
CX470C (w/Isuzu 6HKIX Tier 4 engine)
CX800 (w/AH6WG1X Tier III engine) 3/06-
CX700B (w/Isuzu AH6WG1X Tier III engine) 6/08-
CX800B (w/Isuzu AH6WG1X Tier III engine) 10/08- Excavators; Hitachi DX700LC (w/Isuzu AH-6WG1XYSC01 Tier 3 Engine)
EX355 (w/Isuzu 6BG1T engine)
EX355 (w/Isuzu 6HK1XQA01 engine)
EX95 (w/Isuzu 4BG1T engine)
Zaxis 180
Zaxis 180W (w/Isuzu 4BG1X engine)
Zaxis 190W-3 (w/Isuzu AI 4HK1X engine)
Zaxis 350 Series (w/Isuzu AA6HK1 engine)
Zaxis 370
370MTH (w/Isuzu 6HK1 engine)
Zaxis 460
Zaxis 460LCH (w/Isuzu 6WG1T engine)
Zaxis 480MT
Zaxis 480MTH (w/Isuzu 6WG1T engine)
Zaxis 870 H-3
870 LCH-3 (w/Isuzu 6WG1X engine)
ZX110M (w/Isuzu 4BG1 engine)
ZX120-E (w/Isuzu 4BG1T engine)
ZX130K (w/Isuzu 4BG1T engine)
ZX130W (w/Isuzu 4BG1T engine)
ZX160LC (w/Isuzu 4BG1T engine)
ZX160W (w/Isuzu 4BG1T engine)
ZX200 Series
ZX210 Series (w/Isuzu 6BG1 engine)
ZX225 Series (w/Isuzu 6BG1 engine)
ZX230 Series
ZX240 Series (w/Isuzu 6BG1 engine)
ZX280LCN (w/Isuzu 6BG1 engine)
(w/Isuzu 6HK1 engine)
ZX350LCH (w/Isuzu 6HK1 engine)
ZX450 Series
ZX500LCH (w/Isuzu 6WG1 engine)
ZX650LCH (w/Isuzu 6WG1 engine)
ZX650LCH (w/Isuzu 6WG1X engine)
ZX800 (w/Isuzu 6WG1 engine) Excavators
LX210E (w/Isuzu 6H1KT engine)
LX300-7A (w/Isuzu 6WG1 engine)
LX360E (w/Isuzu 6WG1XQC-01 engine) Loaders; John Deere 135C RTS (w/Isuzu 4BG1T engine)
135D (w/4JJ1X engine) 2/09-
135G (w/Isuzu 4JJ1 Interim Tier 4 Engine)
180C W (w/Isuzu 4BG1 engine)
190DW (w/Isuzu 4HK1X engine) 2/09-
210C W
220DW (w/Isuzu 4HK1X engine) 2/09-
225C LC RTS (w/Isuzu AA-6BG1T engine)
225D LC (w/Isuzu 4HK1XYSA02 engine) 2/08-
450D LC (w/Isuzu AH 6WG1XYSA-01 engine)
470G LC (w/Isuzu 6UZ1-iT4 engine)
600C LC (w/Isuzu BB6WG1X engine)
650D LC (w/Isuzu AH 6WG1XYSA-02 engine)
670G LC (w/Isuzu 6WG1 engine) 2011 -
850D LC (w/Isuzu AH 6WG1XYSA-03 engine)
870G LC (w/ Isuzu 6WG1 Tier 4 engine) 2011 - Excavators

Pressure relief
Made in USA
OD: 4 11/16"
Height: 8"
Thread: 1 1/2 x 12 UNF-28
Micron: 25

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