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Tire 4.10x3.50-5 Saw Tooth 4 Ply (Stens 160-000)

Tire 4.10x3.50-5 Saw Tooth 4 Ply (Stens 160-000)

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Tire 4.10x3.50-5 Saw Tooth 4 Ply

Bunton PL0958
Carlisle 5190301
Kenda 21140009

Rotary 907
Edgewater 410-5TLST
Edgewater 860517
Green Meadow T4S
Green Meadow T5S
Green Line 12242
Martin Wheel 355-2SWL-I
Mow More T96
Prime Line 7-08708
Oregon 68-042
NHC 222-1305
Napa 7-08708
Oregon 70-500
Oregon 58-021
Tire Size 4.10x3.50-5
Tire Size 4.10-3.50-5
Tire Size 4.10x3.50x5

Multi-purpose tread for maximum traction and maximum steering
Rim Size: 5"
Type: Tubeless
Max PSI: 24
Puncture resistant for durability
Max Load Capacity: 255
Tread: Sawtooth
Strong carcass designed to support the weight of lawn equipment
Ply: 4
Tire Size: 4.10x3.50-5

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