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Tire 18x6.50-8 Super Turf 4 Ply (Stens 160-409)

Tire 18x6.50-8 Super Turf 4 Ply (Stens 160-409)

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Tire 18x6.50-8 Super Turf 4 Ply

Kenda 105000866A1
Kenda 24361016

NHC 222-0409
Oregon 68-073
Tire Size 18x6.50-8
Tire Size 18-6.50-8
Tire Size 18x6.50x8
Central Spares-UK 77606

Tread: Super Turf
Tread designed for variety of terrain
Max Load Capacity: 770
Has more rubber on the contact surface
which equates to enhanced puncture resistance and longer tread life
The best turf and garden tire on the market
Type: Tubeless
Designed to meet the demands of the outdoor power equipment industry
Provides the greatest amount of traction with the least amount of turf damage
Provides everything you want and moreƒ?ª‹¨« in a lawn and garden tire
Ply: 4
Tire Size: 18x6.50-8
Max PSI: 28
Rim Size: 8"

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