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Tire 11x4.00-4 Turf Saver 2 Ply (Stens 165-023)

Tire 11x4.00-4 Turf Saver 2 Ply (Stens 165-023)

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Tire 11x4.00-4 Turf Saver 2 Ply

MTD 734-1382
Lesco 034176
MTD 734-1382-0901
Carlisle 551027

Rotary 7694
Foley/PLP 184-393
Edgewater 870440
ESF 184-393
Green Line 12104
Sunbelt TI9
Oregon 70-301
Precision 0455110271
Sunbelt B1TI9
Landscaper Pro 216168
R & R RCT5110271
Oregon 58-061
NHC 222-6741
Oregon 70-119
Tire Size 11x4.00-4
Tire Size 11-4.00-4
Tire Size 11x4.00x4
Tire Size 11-4-4
Tire Size 11x4x4
EG/F1 7300537
Central Spares-UK 77780

Tire and wheel solutions for homeowner and grounds care professional applications
Tread: Turf Saver
Proven rubber compounds and tread designs get the job done
Ply: 2
Rim Size: 4"
Tire Size: 11x4.00-4
Max PSI: 24
Max Load Capacity: 225
Broad shoulder design provides excellent traction on turf with minimal turf wear
Type: Tubeless

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