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Drive Wheel AYP 150340 (Stens 205-402)

Drive Wheel AYP 150340 (Stens 205-402)

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Drive Wheel AYP 150340

AYP 150340
AYP 9585472
Husqvarna 532150340
Husqvarna 532193144
AYP 193144
AYP 180775
Husqvarna 532180775
AYP 532180775
AYP 532193144

Oregon 72-001
Sunbelt B1EP151
Ratio Parts 022-735
Oregon 72-077
NHC 224-0340
EG/F1 AY700953

AYP Front self-propelled mowers; Old style does not include backing plate

Tread: Bar
Hub: 1 5/8" offset
Wheel Size: 8x2.00
Old style doesn't include backing plate found with OEM
53 tooth gear drive
Wheel with gear
Hub Color: Black
Bore: 1/2"

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