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Caster Bushing Bobcat 48053-2A (Stens 225-714)

Caster Bushing Bobcat 48053-2A (Stens 225-714)

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Caster Bushing Bobcat 48053-2A

Bobcat 48053-2A
Lesco 050295
John Deere M83541
Bunton PJH1060
Snapper 2-3556
Snapper 7023556
Ferris 1520822
Snapper 7023556YP

Rotary 5707
Sunbelt CO-26
Foley/PLP 107-037
Prime Line 7-07430
Sunbelt CO-8240
Edgewater 179134
ESF 107-037
Green Meadow BCB2
Green Line 16121
Quality 021307
Rotary 1707
Mow More DBU5707
Oregon 48-320
JThomas JT-1701
JThomas JT-1055
Sunbelt B1CO26
Sunbelt B1CO8240
Landscaper Pro 212054
Landscaper Pro BC054A
NHC 272-2815
Napa 7-07430
Central Spares-UK 44317

Bobcat 8" caster wheel support; Bunton 8" caster wheel support; John Deere PC1847
172 and 261 rotary mowers and 54"-72" mid-mount mower

OD: 1 1/4"
ID: 1"
Height: 3/4"
For support arm

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