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Mower Drive Disc Lining Snapper 7600135YP (Stens 240-325)

Mower Drive Disc Lining Snapper 7600135YP (Stens 240-325)

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Drive Disc Lining Snapper 7600135YP

Snapper 5-7423
Snapper 5-3103
Snapper 7053103
Snapper 7600135
Snapper 7600135YP

Foley/PLP 133-702
Rotary 345
Sunbelt SB-345
Prime Line 7-04214
Prime Line 7-04216
Edgewater 336936
ESF 133-702
Foley/Belsaw 5979304
Green Meadow UBL702
Quality 088829
Green Line 18355
Oregon 76-002
Sunbelt B1SB345
NHC 274-4066
Napa 7-04216
Central Spares-UK BS7600135YP

Length: 16 3/8"
Width: 3/4"
Lining by itself not available from Snapper
Pre-formed for easy installation
Will perform equally well with either side in disc
Height: 1/8"
Presses into back of drive disc

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