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Mower Electric PTO Clutch Warner 5219-25 (Stens 255-297)

Mower Electric PTO Clutch Warner 5219-25 (Stens 255-297)

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Electric PTO Clutch Warner 5219-25

Cub Cadet 917-1774C
Cub Cadet 717-1774C
MTD 917-1774C
MTD 717-1774C
Warner 5219-25
MTD 917-05001
Cub Cadet 917-05001
Troy-Bilt 917-05001
Troy-Bilt 917-1774C
Cub Cadet 717-1774
Cub Cadet 717-1774B
Cub Cadet 917-1774
Cub Cadet 917-1774B
MTD 717-1774B
MTD 717-1774
Troy-Bilt 717-1774
Troy-Bilt 717-1774B
MTD 917-1774
MTD 917-1774B
Troy-Bilt 917-1774
Troy-Bilt 917-1774B
White 717-1774
White 717-1774B
White 717-1774C
White 917-05001
White 917-1774
White 917-1774B
White 917-1774C
Huskee 717-1774
Huskee 717-1774B
Huskee 717-1774C
Huskee 917-05001
Huskee 917-1774
Huskee 917-1774B
Huskee 917-1774C
Craftsman 717-1774
Craftsman 717-1774B
Craftsman 717-1774C
Craftsman 917-05001
Craftsman 917-1774
Craftsman 917-1774B
Craftsman 917-1774C
Bolens 717-1774
Bolens 717-1774B
Bolens 717-1774C
Bolens 917-05001
Bolens 917-1774
Bolens 917-1774B
Bolens 917-1774C
Troy-Bilt 717-1774C

Oregon 33-104
NHC 281-0297
Sunbelt B1EC52
Sunbelt B1XT0065
EG/F1 2304086
Rotary 12424

ID: 1"
Installation: To prevent premature clutch failure
follow the instruction sheet included with the clutch
Designed For: Rugged use
Direction: Counter clockwise
Uses belt width: 5/8"
For Proper Ordering: Reference Warner or Ogura part numbers stamped on clutch
Diameter Pulley: 5 7/8"
Made By: An OEM supplier
Height: 4 1/4"

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