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Mower V-Idler Snapper 7018274YP (Stens 280-347)

Mower V-Idler Snapper 7018274YP (Stens 280-347)

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V-Idler Snapper 7018274YP

Murray 23211
Snapper 1-8274
Snapper 7018274
Murray 23211MA
Snapper 7018247YP

Foley/PLP 165-108
Rotary 2919
Sunbelt SB-2919
Edgewater 499311
ESF 165-108
Green Meadow IV81M
Laser L5038
Laser 95128
Quality 381148
Oregon 34-043
Sunbelt B1SB2919
Ratio Parts 280-347
NHC 222-3826
NHC 276-9110

Idler H: N/A"
Idler F: 1/4"
OD: 3 3/4"
Material: Metal
Idler E: 1/4"
Heavy-Duty/Standard: Heavy-duty
Made By: An OEM supplier
Idler A: 3 3/4"
Explanation of Letters: Refer to the drawing by clicking on More Info
Idler C: 1/2"
Idler D: 1"
ID: 1/2"
Height: 1"

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