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Mower Spindle Assembly MTD 918-0142C (Stens 285-119)

Mower Spindle Assembly MTD 918-0142C (Stens 285-119)

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Spindle Assembly MTD 918-0142C

MTD 918-0138
MTD 618-0138
MTD 918-0142
MTD 918-0138A
MTD 918-0142A
MTD 618-0142
MTD 918-0138C
MTD 918-0142C
MTD 615-0142A
MTD 618-0142C
MTD 618-0138A
Kubota K5645-97520

Rotary 9288
Edgewater 595540
Laser 97546
Prime Line 7-05282
Dealer Choice 39-2130
Oregon 82-513-2
Oregon 82-513
Lowe's 231954
Ratio Parts 022-356
NHC 251-6619
Outdoor Factory Parts 578466701
Napa 7-05282
Sunbelt B1MT53
EG/F1 6500756

MTD 38" and 42" decks
600 series
1997 and newer

Specially designed: to fit 6 pt. star spindle shaft
Uses part 275-515 spindle pulley for 38" decks and 275-519 spindle pulley for 42" decks
No threads in housing
use self-tapping screws
Height: 6"

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