Lawnmower Hi-Lift Blade Ferris 1521227 (Stens 315-876)

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Hi-Lift Blade Ferris 1521227

Ferris 1521227
Ferris 1521227S
Ferris 5021227
Ferris A48185
Ferris 21227S
Ferris 5021227X2

Sunbelt SB-3403
Green Meadow 91-235
Sunbelt SC-2801
Sunbelt SB-3404
Mow More FE18
Dealer Choice 50-2220
Oregon 91-235
Sunbelt B1PD5008
Rotary 9968
Landscaper Pro 91235
Landscaper Express 1521227
Landscaper Express 3231718
NHC 212-0034
NHC SC2801
Ratio Parts 031-113R
Sunbelt B1SC2803
Sunbelt B1SC2801
Central Spares-UK 33152

Ferris Requires 2 for 36" deck; 3 for 52" deck

Length: 18"
Width: 2 1/2"
Packaging Type: Branded label
Heavy-Duty/Standard: Heavy-duty
Center Hole: 5/8"
Thickness: .250"

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