Lawnmower Upper Mulching Blade Honda 72531-VE2-020 (Stens 325-013)

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Upper Mulching Blade Honda 72531-VE2-020

Honda 72531-VE2-020
Honda 72531-VE2-010
Honda 72531-VE2-000
Honda 08720-VE2-000
Honda 08720-VH7-000
Honda 72531-VH7-000

Rotary 6430
Oregon 91-517
Home Depot 136418
Dealer Choice 50-2886
JThomas HD-5013
NHC 212-0634
Home Depot 567010
Home Depot 1000028945
Sunbelt B1SB6430
GHS 3447
Central Spares-UK 72531-VE2-020

Honda Harmony
Harmony II
HRS216 and HRT216 with 21" deck

Thickness: .120"
Center To Center: 3 7/16"
Packaging Type: Branded label
Width: 2 3/4"
Center Hole: 1 1/4"
Honda code 6672372/5342886
Length: 21"
Outer Hole: 13/32"

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