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Lawnmower Hi-Lift Blade John Deere AM141041 (Stens 330-316)

Lawnmower Hi-Lift Blade John Deere AM141041 (Stens 330-316)

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Hi-Lift Blade John Deere AM141041

Lesco 050537
John Deere AM137324
John Deere M84472
John Deere AM100991
John Deere M83459
John Deere AM141041
John Deere AM141039
John Deere AM100945
John Deere M84472
John Deere AM137326
John Deere M153118
John Deere N154159

Rotary 6737
Foley/PLP 114-586
Prime Line 7-04649
Edgewater 154236
ESF 114-586
Foley/Belsaw 5979478
Green Meadow UJD13
Laser L1769
Laser 91228
Mow More JD38
Mow More JD38B
Dealer Choice 50-1555
Dealer Choice 50-2520
Dealer Choice 50-4105
Oregon 91-400
Sunbelt B1JD5105
Sunbelt B1PD5125
Rotary 845
Oregon 91-398
Rotary 12562
Dealer Choice 50-2526
JThomas BO845
Aladdin UJD5
Ratio Parts 022-014
JThomas BO-845
Oregon 92-109
NHC JD5016
Napa 7-04649
Napa 7-06704
Sunbelt B1JD5016
SureFit 504-00186
Oregon 396-729
EG/F1 1103559

John Deere X300 and LX series; requires 2 for 38" deck

Center Hole: 11/16"
Packaging Type: Branded label
Thickness: .203"
Width: 3"
Length: 19 1/2"
Has round center hole and is interchangeable with OEM blades with star shaped center hold for this application

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