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Lawnmower Medium-Lift Blade Simplicity 1704100ASM (Stens 345-231)

Lawnmower Medium-Lift Blade Simplicity 1704100ASM (Stens 345-231)

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Medium-Lift Blade Simplicity 1704100ASM

Simplicity 1704100
Snapper 1704100A
Simplicity 1704100ASM
Snapper 1704100
Simplicity 1704100SM
Simplicity 1704100A
Snapper 1716696A
Snapper 1716696ASM
Simplicity 17027774
Simplicity 17027774SM
Simplicity 1704100BMA
Simplicity 1704100BZ
Simplicity 1716696
Simplicity 1716696A
Simplicity 1716696ASM
Simplicity 1716696SM
Simplicity 1727774
Simplicity 1727774A
Simplicity 1727774ASM
Simplicity 1727774BMA
Simplicity 1727774BZ
Simplicity 1727774SM
Simplicity 71704100
Simplicity 71704100A
Snapper 17027774
Snapper 1704100BMA
Snapper 1704100BZ
Snapper 1716696
Snapper 1716696A
Snapper 1716696ASM

Green Meadow USIM22
Rotary 10093
Dealer Choice 50-4676
Oregon 91-705
Sunbelt B1SP2904
Ratio Parts 031-107
NHC 212-0175

Simplicity LTH
14-16 GT
1600 and 1700 series; requires 3 for 44" deck

Center Hole: 3/4"
Outer Hole: 3/8"
Width: 2"
Thickness: .203"
Packaging Type: Branded label
Center To Center: 2 9/16"
Length: 16 1/8"
Requires 3 for 44" deck

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